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Bow and Stern Thruster Installations For All Boats

Bow Thrust Installation

Bow Thruster Installation

We install bow and stern thrusters at your boat marina or you can visit us at Seabrook Marina, a full service marina a full service marina on Clear Creek near the Kemah Boardwalk. Our central USA location enables us to send our mobile crew to the east coast, gulf coast, west coast, or any central lake region for your boat thruster installation needs. We use top quality fiberglass and are experts in installing industry leading bow thruster systems from C-Marine, Side-Power, and Optimus. We also sell spare parts for all electric and hydraulic bow and stern systems.

Why Bow Thrusters?

It is no secret that the most stressful part in boating is when you are in close quarters to other boats! Maneuvering around crowded marinas and anchorages is a challenge for even the most skilled operator. Add wind current and ever increasing crowds, maneuvering with confidence is the only way to keep your experience a happy one.

Thruster systems were developed to allow more confident control of a vessel under any conditions and have become a virtual necessity in today’s marine industry.

Why Docking By Control?

  • 20 years of installation experience
  • Our technicians are factory trained
  • We personally guarantee quality of each installation for as long as you own your boat
  • Great customer service and support available 7 days a week
  • We use the most advanced technology in thruster systems
  • Networking and history with our suppliers is strong
  • Quality products and installations at a competitive price
  • Authorized Craftsman Marine® (C-Marine USA®) Installer
  • We carry $3,000,000.00 insurance

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We install bow and stern thrusters at your boat marina or you can visit us at:

Seabrook Marina
1900 Shipyard Dr.
Seabrook, TX 77586

(Also located in Davie, Florida)

Call (321) 890-4511

We Will Come To You!

With competitive pricing on all bow thruster systems, we currently have a Boat Show Special offering 10% off until October 31st on all spare parts. Call us today and request the discount code and see what we can do for you.

We've expanded and are now offering sales and installations on:

  • Boat Generators
  • Marine Air-conditioning
  • Water Makers
  • Glen Denning cable masters
  • Black and Grey water cleaning systems U.S. Coast Guard Certified

Why a Boat Bow Thruster?

Your boat can become hard to control when maneuvering at low speed, or in windy conditions sometimes while trying to dock. It is not always impossible to control the bow, but a bow thruster makes it a lot easier and safer. Having a bow thruster will give you the control, confidence, and maneuverability you've always wanted with your boat no matter what the whether conditions are.

NEW! The Latest in Docking Control Systems!

Seastar Solutions

We are an authorized dealer and installer for Optimus EPS® Electronic Power Steering and Optimus 360® Joystick Docking Control Systems.

Ultimate In stress free docking

Optimus 360 by SeaStar uses state-of-the-art electronics to provide easy 360-degree maneuvering capabilities when docking, negotiating crowded areas or loading a vessel onto a trailer.

Even novice boaters using the Optimus 360 Joystick Control System can confidently move the boat forward, backwards, diagonally, rotate it on its own axis, or even move sideways to accomplish tricky docking maneuvers.

As the operator easily moves the joystick, the SmartCylinders respond instantly to independently steer each outboard, engage forward/neutral/reverse gears and apply throttle as needed to move the boat exactly where the operator wants it to go.

Read More About Optimus...

Bow Thruster Guide

Side-Power Thruster Systems C-Marine Bow Thruster Installation

Shown above are some of the top names in bow thrusters today.
We recommend having one of our factory trained technicians help you decide which thruster brand and size is best for you and your boat.

However, it is always good to be informed so here you can find some general information on bow and stern thrusters.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at (321) 890-4511, we are always here to help you!

Types of Bow Thrusters

Single Prop Thrusters
Dual prop thrusters
Retractable thrusters
Variable speed thrusters
Tunnel mount thrusters
External mount thrusters
Electric thrusters
Hydraulic thrusters
Prop thrusters
Jet thrusters

All thrusters consist of 4 major components:

Electric/hydraulic motor
Intermediate/mounting flange
Tail piece/ gearbox

Electric Vs. Hydraulic Thruster System?

Benefits: Relatively inexpensive and easy installation
Short comings: Limited run time and dedicated battery required (in most cases)

What do you expect from your thruster?

What is the most important thing you need a thruster to do?
Push your boat around when you need it!
All thruster manufacturers tell you their thruster will do just that. But do they do it efficiently?
For a fair comparison you have to compare thrust (KGF or LBF).

How much thrust will you need?

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