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Docking By Control : Side Power DC Thrusters

Craftsman Marine Bow ThrusterImtra Corporation is the leader in marine systems, offering the highest quality marine products. With more than 50 years experience, Imtra has become the known reliable supplier to builders, repair yards, retailers, naval architects, as well as private yacht and vessel owners. Shown below are Side-Power DC Electric Thrusters. We are currently in the process of building a complete online catalog of all Imtra Side-Power thrusters and spare parts.

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Electric Thrusters

Electric Thrusters
Side Power Thrusters


Side-Power SE30/125S, 12V, Single Prop Thruster
Price: $1,452.00

The ultra-compact SE30 thruster offers the 60-85 lbs. of thrust in a package small enough to fit in boats as small as 20' loa. A sealed gearleg, high-performance prop and easy-access zincs make it a powerful and easy-to-maintain addition to any boat.

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Side-Power SE40/125S, 12V, Single Prop Thruster
Price: $1,522.00

SE40/125S-IP Thruster (Sealed Gearleg) with IP Housing, 12V, Ignition Protected, 125mm

This new Ignition Protected model increases our range of IP models and is the perfect fit for stern thruster on smaller gas engine boats.

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Side-Power SE60/185S, 12V, Single Prop Thruster
Price: $1,890.00

The SE60 thruster offers the power and performance needed on most yachts from 29-38 ft loa.  It features a maintenance-free, sealed gearleg for easy installation and a powerful purpose-built electric motor.  Like all Side-Power thusters, the SE60 features the patented Intelligent Power Control (IPC) for safe, reliable performance.

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Side-Power SE80/185T, 12V, Twin Props Thruster
Price: $2,695.00

80kg Thruster, 12V, Twin 5-blade Props, Sealed Gearleg, 185mm

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Side-Power SEP100/185T-1IP, 12V, Twin Props Thruster
Price: $3,640.00

The Side-Power SE100/185T-24IP is the most powerful thruster available in the popular 185mm tunnel diameter and thereby very popular for boats where a maximum thrust in a compact tunnel is necessary.

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Side-Power SE130/250-24IP, 24V, Twin Props (MAX BOAT SIZE 62')
Price: $4,550.00

Side-Power SE130/250-24IP, 24V, Twin Prop, 286 lbs. of Thrust, Ignition Protected. Typically fitted to boats from 42-62'.

For boat length up to 62'

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