Bow thruster systems add more precise handling of your vessel in any condition. Docking by Control LLC., offers professional sales and mobile nationwide installations of bow and stern thruster systems.


Our Team of Professionals

Our team of factory authorized and trained installation professionals come to the marina of your choice anywhere in the United States for the installation process. Our team completes a standard installation within 2 to 3 days, limiting the time your boat is out of the water. All of our bow and stern thruster systems are independent units. To ensure your satisfaction, we recommend letting one our specialists assist you when choosing a thruster for your boat.


The only power pulled from your vessel is one 5-amp wire that runs from your vessel’s AC panel used to charge your thruster system. We use only top quality equipment and hardware in each and every thruster installation. In our installations we choose to use All Glass Mat (AGM) batteries, which are made of a very absorbent micro fiberglass material.

The AGM batteries are placed as close to the system as possible, ensuring no voltage drop so you get the maximum power with every use.

Our bow and stern thruster systems are custom sized to each particular vessel.

Your thruster, equipment and installation reflects the very best quality avaiable. Keep in mind, just as with the main engine sizing, there is a minimum amount of thrust necessary to do the job. On the other end it is important not to oversize your thruster more than your boat needs.

Often sizing a thruster system for sailboats is different compared to powerboats, due to the pivot point being near the back of the keel, putting it further forward than a powerboat.


Contact a Specialist today to learn how Docking By Control can get you fit with Bow and Stern thrusters.