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BOWPRO361 AC Bow thruster brushless 42 kgf,Thrust force, 12V, extended runtime.

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Our BOW PRO thrusters use proven induction motors without carbon brushes. As a result, the bow thruster motor is maintenance-free and has Endurance Rated* run-time! Just the tailpiece and the power circuits need regular maintenance. The induction motor is controlled by the VETUS MCV motor controller. This in-house-engineered motor controller can handle both 12 V or 24 V board systems, making the new BOW PRO thruster suitable for almost all boats. The built-in over-temp and low battery protection, combined with the brushless induction motor make the BOW PRO thruster series highly resistent to abuse and ideal for even the most inexperienced boater!

BOW PRO thruster is controlled by proprietary CANBUS protocol (digital control). There are two fully-proportional panels available for the thruster series; one basic panel (BPPPA) and one panel with lock-and-hold function for easy docking (BPPJA). BOW PRO thrusters utilize same propellers and gearboxes proven in VETUS thrusters for over 30 years. Upgrading a boat with an existing thruster to a BOW PRO thrust easily accommodated as the Bow Pro thruster was made to share tunnel sizes with current VETUS thrusters as well as many other brands.

Dimensions – 400x334x492


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Weight 22 kg


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