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BOWPRO110 AC Bow thruster brushless 110 kgf,Thrust force, 12-24V, extended runtime.

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At the top of this advanced range of thrusters, VETUS offers the BOW PRO Boosted 110, innovative and significantly different from existing thrusters. All the features of the amazing BOW PRO with a bonus! There is a third connection on the motor, leading current to an internal charger which steps up the voltage from 12 to 24 volts, allowing a 12 volt charging source such as the propulsion engine alternator, to charge a 24 volt battery bank. Connecting the BOW PRO Boosted directly to a 24 V power supply is also possible of course. The built-in charger recharges your battery bank when the thruster is not in use, doubling the value of having the BOW PRO Boosted thruster on your boat.

Recommended battery sizes for the BOW PRO Boosted series are slightly larger than advised for conventional DC thrusters, to take full advantage of the motor efficiencies and resulting long run-times of these thrusters.

Dimensions – 375x395x495

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Weight 33 kg


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