With the WRCBS wireless remote control unit you have total control over your boat in the palm of your hand. The WRC package consists of a receiver, the WRCBS and remote control, the WRCKF. The VETUS wireless control hand held remote has a range of 10 to 25 metres depending on the location of the receiver and delivers easy control of bow thruster, stern thruster and/or windlasses. The wireless remote control meets the EMC requirements.Specifications WRCBS
Power supply: 8 – 30 Volt D.C.
Connectors for 2x VETUS thrusters (4 channels)
Max. 10 remotes allowed
Detachable antennaSpecifications WRCKF remote
Power supply 3 Volt battery CR2032
Open air range >10 metres
Maximum range Up to 25 metres when unimpeded
Hand held control Watertight according to IP66

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