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Bow-thruster 95kgf hydraulic

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This model of hydraulic bow thruster in the VETUS range, featuring as standard a hydraulic motor. This hydraulic motor is driven by a hydraulic pump, if a hydraulic pump and associated tank are already installed on board, then, in most cases, this assembly can be used for driving the bow thruster too. Some marine engine manufacturers, e.g. VETUS DEUTZ, supply as standard a special PTO (Power Take Off) connection, which greatly simplifies the installation of the hydraulic pump. In addition to the pump and the hydraulic storage tank, VETUS can also supply the required load sensing and control devices, as well as the high pressure hydraulic hoses, complete with end fittings. This hydraulic bow thruster may be fitted to a GRP, steel or aluminium tunnel or used as a stern thruster using the appropriate installation kit. The three most powerful VETUS hydraulic bow thrusters can also be powered using a specially prepared diesel power pack, instead of a pump on the main engine. In this case, the matching hydraulic pump will be supplied as part of the power pack. Installing a power pack on board can considerably reduce the required generator set capacity by operating hydraulic functions which are normally electrically powered.

Dimensions – 345x284x600


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Weight 9 kg


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