/ / / Panel, Dual Joystick Proportional Thrust Control / w/cover, S-Link, 12/24v, – SEP, SAC, SH thrusters

Panel, Dual Joystick Proportional Thrust Control / w/cover, S-Link, 12/24v, – SEP, SAC, SH thrusters

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<p><a href="http://www.imtra.com/side-power.htm" target="_self">Side-Power</a>&nbsp;SH240 Hydraulic Thruster with Parker Ultra Motor 19cm<sup>3</sup>, Max. Thrust 240kg/528lbs, Sealed Gearleg, Twin Counter Rotating 5-Bladed Q-Props <br />
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<p>Side-Power’s SH240&nbsp;hydraulic <a href="http://www.imtra.com/side-power-thrusters.htm" target="_self">thruster</a>&nbsp;features twin counter rotating five bladed Q-Props, maximizing thrust from less hydraulic power.&nbsp; The thruster produces 528 lbs. of thrust at 100% performance. Side-Power hydraulic thrusters can be purchased as part of a complete hydraulic system.&nbsp; </p>
<p>A complete Side-Power engineered system allows full proportional control of the thruster and unlimited run time, all based on the S-Link plug and play system.&nbsp; <a href="http://www.imtra.com/side-power-thrusters-hydraulic-systems.htm">Learn more about Side-Power hydraulic thruster systems</a>.&nbsp; Contact your local Side-Power representative for a system tailored to your needs.</p>
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<h3>Features &amp; Benefits</h3>
<li>Wide range of hydraulic motor sizes and types to optimize performance of the thruster unit </li>
<li>Unlimited run time at any thrust level, including max thrust </li>
<li>Reduced long term maintenance when compared to DC or AC thrusters </li>
<li>Improved maaximum thrust based on tunnel size </li>
<li>Total integration into any hydraulic system or supplied as part of a Side-Power engineered system</li>
<li>Propulsion technology know-how, maximizing amount of thrust from the system </li>
<li>Lightweight composite propellers reduce work needed to get up to speed and stop rotation </li>
<li>Streamlined gear housing, reducing turbulence in the tunnel and maximizing flow</li>
<li>Compact size to reduce the amount of interior volume needed </li>
<li>Simple Plug and Play wiring </li>
<li>Easily accessible hose connections </li>
<li>Fast and safe propeller mounting with lock nut </li>
<li>GRP and composite bolt-on stern thruster tunnel kits pre-drilled for ease of installation </li>
<li>Easy access zinc anodes allow quick and simple changing </li>
<li>Sealed gearleg so no messy oil fill-ups needed during installation</li>
<h3>Safety and Reliability</h3>
<li>Mechanical protection of drive gear through flexible coupling between gearleg and motor </li>
<li>Control panels have child-safe On system and timed shut down from last use </li>
<li>2 year limited warranty</li>


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