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Rim Drive Bow Thruster RD160

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Rim drive bow thruster – whisper quiet, innovative, 160kgf!
Lock & Hold for easy docking.

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The RIMDRIVE is unique in its design; when operating, this thruster is virtually silent. The propeller forms the rotating part of the electric motor (rotor) and the fixed winding (stator) is mounted in the tunnel.
Therefore noisy gears are not used in this design. Secondly a ring mounted around the propeller, prevents the propeller from cavitating.
The RIMDRIVE is available in 125 and 160 kgf and needs a thruster supply voltage of 48 VOLT DC. Charging can either
be delivered by a charger 110/230VAC to 48VDC charger or by converting the normal 12 or 24V battery supply
voltage by means of a DC to DC converter solution. The panel (BPJP) and interface (RDIF) needs to be ordered separately.

Unique features:

  • No carbon brushes
  • Silent operation due to a virtually cavitation free propeller and no use of gears
  • Proportional control as standard
  • Virtually unlimited runtime
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • IP67 top cover
  • Lock the thruster at any speed and hold the boat alongside the dock
  • Can be used as a stern thruster
  • Suitable for aluminum, steel and GRP boats

Additional information

Weight 60 kg


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