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SE 120/215 T (boats 42′-60′)

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  • Suitable for boats 42 – 60 Feet
  • Available in 24V

The SE 120/215T meets the requirements of the modern yachts – high power in a compact tunnel diameter. The SE120/215T delivers more thrust than the 185mm tunnel models, without going all the way to the much larger 250mm tunnel. The SE120/215T includes all the important and unique Side-Power features and qualities – why settle for less.

Specifications 24V

Thrust at 21V* (kg) 120
Thrust at 24V* (kg) 139
Typical boat size (ft • m) 42’ – 60’ • 13 – 18
Tunnel inner diameter (mm) 215
Propulsion Twin
Power at 10,5/21V* (kW • Hp) 6,4 • 8,55
For DC system (V) 24
Weight (kg) 34
Min. battery capacity (CCA**12/24V) 400
Control system Analog

* All Side-Power thrusters gets their thrust rating from the actual performance you can expect in a boat – at the voltage a normal installation will provide at the thruster. We have choosen to use the net performance at 10.5V/21V, but we also list the effect at 12/24V for comparison.

** All battery CCA ratings are stated with the DIN rating, multiply by 1.9 to to get the SAE equivalent (at 0ºF, ABYC standard)


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